March 10th 2021 – Realtime Data for API users 

We’re happy to let you know that after a 2 months test period, we’re giving our API users access to real-time data in the Zemanta One dashboard. 

Real-time data gives you the ability to immediately and continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns, as well as better understand the effects that your campaign optimizations have on your performance. We also extended the maximum number of available entries, allowing you to access up to 1000 rows. 

The release of real-time data includes total spend (margin and fees included), clicks, impressions, CTR, avg. CPM and avg. CPC on all levels (content, ad group, campaign or account). Please note that real-time data doesn’t support dimension level data for now (media sources, devices, publishers…); this is planned to  be released in the upcoming months.

Get started now by visiting our real-time reporting resources here. 

March 23rd 2021 – Campaign type structure update (note for API users)

We have introduced a slightly changed campaign type structure. 

There used to be 5 available campaign types. Three of those Native Ad Campaign, Native Conversion Marketing and Native Mobile App Advertising have been merged into one type: Native. Zemanta One platform with its AI technology optimizes toward marketer goals, whether this is for traffic, conversion or app install and there is no need to choose between those types. So, there are just 3 choices now: Native, Display and Video. 

Note: Zemanta API users need to exchange the removed campaign types with the Native campaign type and adjust the actual naming. Reporting won’t be touched in any way. For more information please check the API documentation.