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Zemanta Certified Partners are select agencies with deep expertise of programmatic native and experience using Zemanta to provide high-quality services to advertisers.

The brand-agency relationship is constantly changing. Firms are constantly under the microscope to evaluate costs and efficiency. We’ve developed a certification program to help programmatic agencies market, sell and deliver remarkable results for clients.

Zemanta Certified Partners solve a wide range of marketing objectives by combining segment defining software with critical services for content creation, campaign management, optimization and much more!

Certified partners


Grow with Zemanta

Generate New Business

Get access to training and marketing materials to plan and sell content promotion to your clients.

Scale and

Direct access to the widest array of native networks and exchanges anywhere! With a single insertion order, budgets can be managed across 25+ sources in real-time.

The Latest Technology

Zemanta offers user login and budget management tools to help agencies streamline internal processes and increase operational efficiency.

Service and

Direct access to Customer Success to assist with content integration, strategy and campaign insights.