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Native advertising can be overwhelming without the right technology and expertise. Zemanta makes it easier. Zemanta provides direct access to 35+ networks and exchanges designed for native promotion (ie. Outbrain, Sharethrough, Triplelift) to drive traffic and audience. Key features include:

  • Complete Transparency – Network media spend, data costs, CPCs
  • One insertion order (IO) to manage budgets across 25+ networks and exchanges
  • Web analytics integrations to measure post-click performance
  • Real-time reporting and optimizations
  • Massive scale — over 250MM US unique users
  • Audience targeting based on 1st and 3rd party data

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Asset Management

Upload and manage thousands of ads within a single library. Zemanta dynamically formats your creative assets for every native ad unit.
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Simplified Budgeting

Improved visibility across channels. With a single insertion order, manage budgets across 35+ sources in real time.
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Dynamic Bid Optimization

Whether you need to drive engagement or conversion, spend with confidence knowing that Zemanta has bidding algorithms designed for every marketing objective.
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Multi-Channel Access

Get direct access to 35+ social, native, mobile and discovery networks Zemanta has unparalleled reach and scale.

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Workflow control

Manage users and their permisssions. Always have a birdseye view of all the actions performed on your campaigns using history logs.
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Audience targeting

Target based on audience segments available from our DMP partners like BlueKai, Liveramp and Lotame and others. Create custom audiences from your first party data and use them to target your campaigns.
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Powerful reports

Breakdown on video specific inventory attributes and understand what drives performance. Have your reports delivered to your inbox.
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