Tools for content creators 

1. Automatic Related Posts - instantly increase your pageviews by 10%

2. Manual Related Posts- organically improve your SEO rankings

1. Automatic Related Posts

This plugin creates a row of links with thumbnails under every blog post on your site. Links go to your older posts, as well as similar posts on other blogs, giving your visitor a better overall experience. In turn, we will start showing your posts as links on other blogs in our network, bringing you new visitors.

A widget that you can trust

  • We are bloggers and journalists ourselves and we are building this with your day-to-day challenges in mind.
  • Used by over 250,000 bloggers like yourself! We’ll recommend your posts to other bloggers in the network, earning you links and visitors. Approved by!
  • You have complete control over recommendations and designs. If you want it.
  • We pride ourselves with providing the best support ever. You can reach us anytime and we will always respond!

Free Future-proof Technology for your blog

  • SEO-friendly
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Retina-ready
  • Award-winning semantic algorithms will always show the best recommendations. Not comparing Apple to apples.


2. Manual Related Posts, Free Images and Tags

This plugin will recommend you content while you write, before you even publish. You can use this content to research the topic, see what others are writing about it, link to them, or include an image with a single click.


In-Text Links

Automagically link keywords to relevant sources that help your readers understand your writing.

Tag Suggestions

Tag your posts with ease and bring them closer to Search Engines (SEO) and your readers.

Image Suggestions

Use images from suggestions right in the sidebar while you write. Your own Instagram & Flickr images too! Insert them with one click.

Related Articles

Link to your old articles in new posts. Discover related articles from the blogosphere.

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