Zemanta Upgraded with New UI, Link Reporting, and Link-Building for Users

We are excited to release the next generation of Zemanta. After hearing feedback from thousands of users, we are releasing a complete makeover, and highlighting the “Link Me All Over” campaign - a promotional program for our users, which will put them on equal footing with mainstream media by encouraging cross-links among Zemanta users. And to help our users track their success, we're providing them with comprehensive reports that detail the popularity of their posts.

A Blogger's Best Friend

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Zemanta is a real-time Content Recommendation service – it's a companion to your blog editor - it looks over your shoulder, and suggests related articles, pictures, tags, and links - at the very moment that you're in your creative zone. Use it for inspiration, as a research assistant, or to liven up your post with supporting material.

Zemanta recently celebrated its second birthday and it has been an incredible period. When we started in 2007, Twitter was far from mainstream, the economy was doing alright, the "semantic web" was abuzz, and blogging was all the rage. We're glad to see blogging continuing its growth trend.

Other trends, such as mobile, social, local, and real-time, have come and changed the web forever, but blogging tools still don't make it easy enough to discover, enrich, and link the conversations bloggers are initiating. Zemanta remedies that situation by helping bloggers get the most rewarding experience from blogging. What else would you expect from a best friend?

Extreme Makeover - A New Look

Today we are releasing a completely new look & feel for Zemanta; one better suited for the user experience on the highly-regarded platforms we support (Blogger.com, Movable Type, TypePad, WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal, and more) . It's lighter, faster, and more compact than ever; enriching, inspiring, and saving valuable time while not getting in your way.

You can check out a comparison of the changes from the initial release. We have always focused on making it more actionable, configurable, and less obtrusive.

Zemanta supports 15 of the most popular blogging platforms and is accessible as a browser extension (IE & Firefox), a bookmarklet (Safari & Chrome) or a server-side plugin (for WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal, & Joomla).

"Zemanta Links Me All Over" - Cross-Promotion & Reporting


Zemanta is not another "search engine" - our proprietary algorithm uses a combination of contextual analysis and natural language processing to "understand" what bloggers are writing about - and we recommend content from a closed pool of sources.

We've started to add feeds from our users, so that the recommendation engine will recommend their posts to other Zemanta users when they write about related topics.

The engine doesn't know the difference between content from within the Zemanta community and content from mainstream media, giving everyone an equal opportunity to be promoted based on the quality of their writing and contextual relevancy!

What's more, in the "preferences" section, you will now be able to see a comprehensive report of how many links you received from other Zemanta users, the URLs of posts that linked to you, and some other useful data.

So...What do you think?

These are dramatic changes, and we want to hear what you love about it - and what you might not love about it. Give us a shout at GetSatisfaction, by e-mail, tweet it, or just leave a comment below. Thanks!

Zemanta is venture-backed start-up, a winner of the Seedcamp competition, and funded by Union Square Ventures, Eden Ventures and T.A.G. - The Accelerator Group.

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