Zemanta how-to-blog-better guidelines

We at Zemanta like to think, you know, just like everybody else, that there are some good bloggers and some, well, not that good bloggers. Let's face it, some of them are horrible and everybody knows who they are. But it takes a lot of hard work & dedication to be a really good blogger, and probably the same amount of time spent to be the opposite of that. Most of us are lingering somewhere in the middle, trying to lean to the good, proper side. So we thought we should make a list of guidelines, advices, if you wish, on what to be careful about when creating new blog posts or what the general impression of your blog should feel like. Please don't get us wrong — write, record and publish what you wish, the sky is the limit, really, but in order to be a part of our Zemanta Editorial Network, here are a couple of leads you should comply with.

We cannot facilitate the following content:

  • racism, hate crimes, anti LGTB or other extreme religious or political views,
  • NSFW content (or porn, if you wish),
  • pills or sites selling similar pharmacology products,
  • illegal or non copyright cleared music, video, torrent or other download listings,
  • non-original content or 3rd party content (a.k.a. spam) — even if attribution is present, we cannot tolerate copy/pasted content with a minimum of own content added. Blog planets, aggregation sites or auto-generated content also falls into this category.

Unfortunately, we still cannot recommend:

  • non-English blogs,
  • Forex or similar trade exchange sites,
  • broken or inaccessible links, removed domains,
  • blogs whose last published content is ages old.

What else is a big no-no?

  • Excessive linking (especially to one site only),
  • excessive tagging (this is not the content we are looking for),
  • same content on multiple sites (nobody likes to read the same thing twice),
  • pay-per-post blogs (we can only recommend free content),
  • excessive commercialization (same content about one product is a no-go, but small businesses with original content is OK).

This is absolutely necessary for us to work with:

  • working RSS or Atom feed (preferably fully disclosed),
  • blog posts with minimum 300 characters (preferably your own),
  • use Zemanta, link out to related content, but be reasonable.

Categorization is by far not an easy task for us, since each one is unique in its own way, so we are really dedicated and harsh on ourselves when we're manually evaluating each blog. If you're not absolutely sure about a certain point I described above or if you wish to get any advices on your current content, hit us with your questions in the comments section below or send us an email at support@zemanta.com.

Take care & enjoy your blogging!