Strategy: Zemanta Launches Content Discovery Network

This is what you’ve been used to and cherished: Zemanta dynamically scans the web during the writing process to ensure that your content is optimized, linked to by others and shared on social media. Our network of 300,000 publishers represents 1 billion pageviews; on average you’ve got a 5% increase in readership and a 10% increase in pageviews.

Check Out the Dashboard What is new? Well, it is a natural complement to what you’ve been used to. Zemanta’s new content discovery network presents a selection of recommended articles from the publisher itself, from around the web, and from advertisers. You can select content manually, blacklist unwanted sites or simply rely on Zemanta’s automated and award-winning semantic algorithms.

With newly released WordPress plug-in (called Related Posts) you can leave it to Zemanta to select related posts automatically or exercise editorial control. Just click “Edit related posts” at the bottom of the widget after you publish!

It gets even better! Publishers can now choose a theme for related posts, whatever you think suits your blog the best. Even more, you have an option to customize the theme.

Mobile features Zemanta now offers publishers mobile phone and tablet native recommendation formats that are optimized for faster load times and smaller display sizes of mobile web browsers.

“Our testing confirmed that users behave very differently on mobile platforms,” said Andraz Tori, CTO, Zemanta. “We included mobile optimized formats and algorithms that achieve dramatically better click-through and engagement rates than traditional ad units like banners.”

Awesome Analytics in Real Time Acquiring and retaining users/readers is a core function of every publisher. There is more and more content and you are fighting with millions of others for readers’ attention. You can win this battle only with relevant and high-quality content that is credible to your target audience.

Hence, Zemanta now offers great analytics. You can follow the success of related posts and consequently the impact of your posts. And analytics display real-time data!

Earn Money Publishers use content discovery networks to acquire and engage users/readers through content recommendations. Advertisers can promote their own content directly to users through Zemanta’s content discovery network.

If you choose a “promoted” related post, you earn money. When you surpass $50.00, you’ll be paid.

But don’t forget! You want to increase the traffic to your website, become/remain a credible and trusted source in your niche; therefore choosing only promoted related posts will only lead you in the opposite way.