Startup crawl 2014

The 2nd Startup Crawl is taking place next Friday, on the 21st of March, in Ljubljana. Zemanta  proudly participates in it and is thus opening three time slots, each for up to 30 pre-registered attendees. We strongly encourage you to do so ASAP — over here! So... what's a Startup Crawl?

  • same as a pub crawl, except you don't have to pay for the booze,
  • you finally get to meet all those folks you wanted to and see if they really have a ping-pong table (and show 'em who's the boss!),
  • ask them awkward questions, receive discounts & freebies (and eat all their cookies),
  • spend a day out of office getting lost navigating through the sunny streets of Ljubljana (take your date!),
  • a really, really good opportunity to talk about ideas, problems along the way and gaining contacts for the future. It's an ideal ice-breaker!


I remember a couple of months ago, when the first Startup Crawl took place, it was a sunny autumn day in Ljubljana, most of my coworkers left the office earlier, leaving me all alone with loads of work behind my desk. And it was a Friday! What should one do?

Well, it wasn't such a hard decision after all, to be honest. The work wasn't imminent and I always wondered what that office called D-Labs upstairs was all about. 20 seconds later I was welcomed by drink (!) and although the office was pretty much empty (most of them were also crawling around the city), I got to learn what were their latest projects, where's their hidden stash of cookies (the secretary's got them locked!) and what's their WiFi password (•••••••••). All were equally interesting facts!

Next up Flaviar and DietPoint in Trnovo! Or should I say an afternoon aperitivo and free pizza? Lumu was third on my list, since their place was really close (it's Ljubljana after all) and I heard they were supposedly notoriously good for their ping-pong skills, which I have successfully proven as a false rumor. But they are really nice guys, give them your tobacco and they'll open their (business-oriented-)hearts.

Work is always much easier if you stir up your daily routine and go out for a crawl, talk with strangers and just relax a bit. When I finally got home that workload from earlier was done before I could pour myself another drink and I'm sure this next Friday is going to be the same. So you really should register now, mark you calendar as AVAILABLE that afternoon and see what's actually going on around in Ljubljana. You won't regret it, after all — we are already stacking up our supplies (interpret at will).

Again, slots are only available for those who register, so don't hesitate to do so until it's too late! Zemanta opened up three different time slots (app. from 14:00-20:00) for those who do-not-want / partially-want / yes-do-want escape from work early! Below is our registration form and the list of all open doors you can enter next Friday. Be there or be square!

Eventbrite Registration form

List of open Startup doors