Search Everything for WordPress Reborn, Now With Writing Helper

Every blog needs good search functionality. Visitors want to find content they desire, and the blogger needs to find their own posts when linking. Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.34.56 AM

Search Everything is the most reliable and efficient search plugin for It extends WordPress' default search engine so that you can find more types of content. You can control which custom taxonomiesattachments, types of comments, etc. that the plugin should consider when searching, delivering personalized results.

Today we are proud to announce our first major update to Search Everything plugin, which gives bloggers advanced search functionality while they write.

The Search Everything writing helper enables you to link to what you’ve written in the past, has great SEO benefits, and is a powerful tool to keep visitors on your site longer. All you have to do to insert the link is click on the results, and a “vest pocket” will be added into your post where your cursor is.

Research Everything Writing Helper


When designing this feature, we were inspired by Research sidebar that Google added to Google Docs recently, and by our own Zemanta Editorial Assistant that has been recommending articles, links, images and tags to hundreds of thousands of bloggers since 2007. Editorial Assistant is used by top media companies like Forbes and VentureBeat, as well as numerous bloggers like yourself. By joining the Zemanta family, you are in good company.

What are you waiting for, give it a try! ;)

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