How We Reached a New Audience With a Related Articles Campaign

Creating great content alone falls short of an effective strategy. The true challenge and objective is reaching your potential audience through outreach and engagement. It is not just a situation of if you build it, they will come. You need a way to introduce your high quality content to others.

At ShoreTel, VoIP cloud communications provider, we actively embrace the tenets of content marketing as a way to build long-term, valuable relationships with our current and prospective customers. A core component of our marketing strategy is to produce helpful, interesting, and insightful content that appeals to different audiences at various stages of the discovery and buying process.

As part of our content marketing strategy, we produce quality content pertaining to the communications and technology industries. Articles are typically written by ShoreTel’s content team, various staff members, as well as industry veterans and experts.

Featured on ShoreTel Sky’s blog and our Modern Company mini-site, this authoritative content promotes cloud-based voice solution products and educates readers on news and trends within the cloud communications industry.

We sought ways to increase the exposure of content for our web properties through audience development and blogger/publisher outreach.

Hence, we launched a Related Articles campaign to reach Zemanta’s network of 250,000+ publishers and bloggers.

Zemanta’s engine recommended semantically relevant ShoreTel articles to our network of bloggers and publishers. Equipped with editorial control, bloggers and publishers had the option to include our content in their writing. In June 2013, Zemanta indexed over 1,150 ShoreTel Sky and Modern Company articles and recommended them via semantically-based Recommendation Engine. To be honest, it was very easy to implement and start a campaign.

Soon after launching this campaign, we found that they could powerfully extend the reach of our content through the readership of Zemanta’s content discovery network.

  • Within three months of launching the Related Articles campaign, our content was distributed by additional 150 publishers’ articles:
  • Through blogger outreach, we were able to grow the number of domains referring traffic by 30% over the past three months.
  • Once our content was redistributed across Zemanta’s publisher network, those pages were then further amplified across the social graph on Twitter (750+ retweets), Facebook (440+ shares) and Google+ (300+ shares)

These publishers like our content, but just hadn’t discovered it yet. Zemanta gives us a way to reach audiences that we wouldn’t reach otherwise. Our growth in referral traffic has since grown significantly. Over 150 publishers are now referencing our content that were not before.