How to: Use Zemanta to recommend articles from your own blog(s)

We're still tracking @problogger 31 day challenge and looking for best ways to tune Zemanta to make his very useful tips even easier for you to implement. His Day 8 challenge is to Interlink Your Old Blog Posts as it has clear benefits to readers who come to your site via search engines or are looking through your archive. It also help with your SEO as you can better define important keywords for your blog posts as well as interlink related content. To make this process easier, I'm going to show you today how to setup your Zemanta to recommend blog posts from your own blog.

1. Open Zemanta Preferences. You can find them at the bottom of Zemanta widget.

2. Make sure to register and log in into preferences, if you haven't done that before. Note that the user name/password is not the same as for your blog so you'll have to register.

3. Afterward click on "My Stuff" at the bottom of Preferences and you'll see a section where you can add your own blog. Click on the big yellow RSS icon and add the blog address:

Add your blog screen

4. To make sure that the Blog is active, you'll then have to scroll down a bit and click on "Edit list of my sources" and locate the feed that you have just added:

Edit list of my sources

5. Find your blog on the list and make sure that the checkbox is checked so that we'll recommend stories from this blog:

Active feed

6. That's it. Now when you write your new blog posts or edit your old ones, you can use "My Stuff" button on top of Zemanta widget to just limit the recommendations to your own feeds:

My Stuff

and you'll get:

Related articles from my own blog

That's it. You can add multiple feeds from your own blogs so it's going to be even easier to tie your content together. At the moment we only know the blog posts that we've seen through your feed so we might not have the full history. We're working on a mechanism to upload your archives to Zemanta.

Having a good results with linking your old posts together? Share them with us in comments.

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