5 Reasons & 4 Great Ideas on How to Turn Your Blog into Print

how to turn your blog into print Aren’t you sick of listening to almighty prophets who like to predict the end of the world is coming. It’s also very fashionable at the moment to call the dead of print. Just last week a Slovene TV news producer said print is history. Forgive my French, but that’s a bowl of bollocks.

Just because there’s a new medium in town it doesn’t mean “the old” one is going away. No; it just needs to learn how to adapt to the new situation. It’s how print, radio, TV, and movie industry have all already done; one by one.

Many have written how to repurpose and re-edit print content for the web, I am going to take an opposite direction and give you some tips how to re-edit web content for print.

First let me give you 5 clear reasons why you shouldn’t discard print, even though you may love and do everything online:

  1. It gets attention.
  2. Due to online overload, some find it to be rare, which means for many it feels special or, how ironic, new.
  3. It allows you to dig deeper into issues you've already discussed online; just look at Google's Think Quarterly and Harvard Business Review - both are strong online, but both have influential print editions.
  4. Print still excites people; no matter what some would like to make us believe about the omnipresence of the web, research clearly shows that people no matter what age still get excited by print. Moreover, information in print seem to be still more credible than whatever is posted online.
  5. With print, you can control the pace that the information comes at a reader.

So, without further ado, here are my 4 tips how to turn your blog into print:

  1. Printed Magazine: C’mon, even Google does it with their limited edition quarterly magazine (they call it a book) Think Quarterly. Surprise your business partners and maybe very loyal customers with a high-quality, rich in content printed magazine. Dig deeper into issues you’ve already covered on your blog and that seem to be popular among your readers.
  2. Book: what a great Christmas gift a collection of your best or most shared or most read posts would make, right? Choose them and publish them in a limited edition print book form.
  3. How-to-do Book: why don’t you repurpose posts on a particular topic and make a great how-to-do book or brochure?
  4. Customized Publication: Why don’t you produce a customized, one- of-a-kind printed publication based on your blog for your biggest business partners and your favorite readers/customers?

Just make sure that whatever you do, it's still relevant to them and not just a pile of beautifully designed paper.

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