Everything Blogger Outreach: How to Find Blogger Contact Information

How to find blogger contact information

Developing relationships is great, but it would be all for none if you didn't know the appropriate way to contact the blogger. Luckily for you, if you have been with us from the beginning you should already be well on your way to creating solid relationships with several of your targeted bloggers. But now you must embark on a quest to get the bloggers contact information—a feat that may seem easy in concept, but in reality it may be the most difficult—and the most frustrating.

The simple truth is that bloggers, especially those who have built a loyal fanbase and readership, are contacted a lot. And unfortunately for you, the person who has worked hard to make sure that the blogger is relevant and will find value in what you are pitching, the majority of the time these bloggers are contacted by spammers. So to prevent the often ridiculous messages / requests / pitches / other-various-spammy-content that spammers send, they make it difficult to be contacted in hopes that the challenge of finding the contact information will weed out the spammers from the those who are trying to send a serious proposal.

Magnifying GlassFortunately for you, you have already done a considerable amount of research and might have a good idea of how the blogger likes to be contacted. Not only that, but you might also have a pretty good idea of where on their site you can find their contact information. If that is the case then you are off easy. Just grab their contact information, throw it into your media list and you're all set!

Unfortunately for you, it rarely ever works that way. But I do recommend that you attempt to find their contact information on their site before you attempt to find it via any other way.

In today's day and age, most bloggers prefer to be contacted one of two ways: email or social. The former often receives a better response rate and the latter is usually easier to discover (after all, most bloggers want you to follow/subscribe to them). So, considering how easy it is to figure out a blog's social media contact information, the following five tools are a variety of the most effective at finding a bloggers email address.

  1. Google Search: If you know the blogger's name or other information about them like their username (many bloggers choose to blog under a pen name/username rather than their own), than a simple Google search - and a bit of time going through the results - may provide you with their contact information.
  2. Whois: Anyone who has experience with hosting will know that this is an excellent tool to look up all of the basic information of a website. Fortunately, most blogs are owned and operated by one person making the information on Whois likely to be the author of the blog. You should be careful with this though, it is also likely that the email listed is their personal and many bloggers may be put off by first contact through their personal email.
  3. Rapportive: This is probably my favorite way of finding someone's contact information just because it is kind of exciting. Rapportive is an excellent Gmail plugin that gives a short profile of the contact that you are sending an email to. This is useful in finding a blogger's contact information because most of the time people have their email address in similar formats. So, if you have the first and last name of the blogger you can try guessing their email address using common formats and when you get it correct, you will see their Rapporative profile.
  4. Spokeo: Anyone that has ever heard of Spokeo knows that it is an very effective (albeit creepy and slightly disturbing) way of finding any and all information on the interwebs about a person. Note: You do need to upgrade to a membership if you wish to see email addresses.
  5. TinEye: Finally, after you have exhausted all of your other options, and you happen to have a picture of the person (say a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or author profile picture), you can try to use TinEye. TinEye is a tool that allows you to upload an image of someone that they will then try to match against other images on the internet. It is a bit temperamental in it's effectiveness, but is definitely worth the try.

And there you have it, a variety of the most common tools used to find a blogger's contact information. There are a few other tools like Jigsaw, Pipl, and PeekYou that are fairly effective, though all are pretty basic look up services (Data.com's Jigsaw is a little different where you can't get a prospect's contact information until you offer up contact information of another).

If you can't find the blogger's email address using any of the above tools, chances are he or she does not want to get contacted via email. So, keep on developing your relationship with them through social channels and contact them through one of those or, if there is one, the contact form on their blog. Of course, creativity is welcome here as well - maybe add a call to action to a specific blogger that you really want to pitch to and link to their content. That would certainly get their attention!

Well that concludes part three of our blogger outreach series. Like always, be sure to leave any questions, feedback or criticisms below. We are especially welcome to any tools that are either new or different than the ones listed. Stop by next week for how to contact the blogger (the actual pitch).

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