A Mobile Solution for Publishers Who Want to Reach Their Potential Audience

A new kind of experience in discovering relevant content online has been introduced in the last month, on mobile as well as on desktop. Forbes introduced their intelligent scrolling streams, whereas Venturebeat has introduced their new mobile site that is powered by Zemanta Streams.

According to Brightcove, within the next four years, more people will access editorial content via mobile devices than desktops. Furthermore, more than 25% of Americans exclusively use mobile devices to surf the web. Publishers, thus, face a tough challenge: how to reach a greater potential mobile audience while simultaneously addressing the problem of mobile monetization.

“After analyzing Zemanta’s publisher network, we discovered that more than three out of every four visitors go directly to content pages rather than home pages. That’s why we’ve built a product that turns any content page into an infinite stream of related content from the publisher, its partners, and content marketers in Zemanta’s network,” says Todd Sawicki, Zemanta’s President.

Zemanta has partnered with VentureBeat to further develop and introduce this new product, Zemanta Streams; early results show that it has lifted time spent on page by 30%. According to VentureBeat’s Executive Editor, Dylan Tweney, the product presents highly relevant content to readers in a mobile-optimized format.

“Thanks to this product, additional, related articles appear right at the bottom of the article you’re reading. At first, each one will appear as a big image plus a headline. If you tap on an article, though, it will expand, right in line — no need to load a whole new page. In effect, each article is now part of a continuous stream of news.” – Dylan Tweney, VentureBeat

Zemanta Streams will present readers with more stories related to the ones they’re already reading, while delivering more context and background. “We sincerely believe that we can help publishers and marketers reach their potential audience by promoting really relevant content across the web,” says Sawicki. The mobile platform “dynamically turns any content page into a mobile-optimized dynamic stream of content powered by Zemanta’s proprietary semantic recommendation engine”.

We are now carrying out experiments and product optimization to further boost reader engagement. In addition, we have also released a new version of streams on VentureBeat.com, that recommends their own sponsored content in the stream. Hence, their KPIs are boosted to their sponsored content.

As we quickly move into the exciting mobile territory, publishers are looking for similar solutions for their desktop platforms. Forbes has recently introduced their intelligent scrolling streams; its key feature are “rich, continuous streams of content that are curated and personalized,” writes Forbes staff writer Lewis DVorkin. According to DVorkin, related article streams represent their next step in a quest to build a sustainable model for ad-supported journalism in the digital era.

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