Defrag: There is no information overload

Information Overload

Here I am at the morning of Defrag conference 2008 doing a quick reflection on what happened on and off-stage yesterday.

Conference is organized well. But much more importantly it has a soul. Eric's enthusiasm and attention to the detail really makes a difference. You feel appreciated as a participant.

A lot of the sessions went into the details of how to move web 2.0 into the enterprise which I didn't expect. There's also a lot of high level thinking, but that often falls short of offering conclusions that aren't obvious anyway.

Stowe Boyd definitely had the most controversial presentation "Is the flow just too much?" giving an

Stowe Boyd

answer that There is no information overload. I'd really like for someone to make a version of "Here comes the bubble", but about information overload. I think idea of continuous partial attention is useful in some types of work, but highly contraproductive in others.

Generally the only things I miss is more of critical thinking. Yesterday Paul Kedorsky had a really good panel about how humans are bad at predicting the future. I'd expect some of the speakers to ask themselves a question: is it possible that we are on the wrong track entirely? What are the dangers of the path we are taking? Taking a step out of the echo chamber might provide some refreshing insight on the many topics discussed.

The panel I am participating in is coming up in the afternoon. Finding serendipitous through context. I love that title, really "easy" to understand. Looking forward to it!

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