August release: Crunchbase integration, LiveWriter support and improved performance

Summer is usually time to take a bit of time off and reflect on how you are doing. We took this chance to dig deep into our code and algorithms to spend extra time on fixing all the little mistakes that we made down the road to have a much more stable and faster release. We've fixed things across all the supported platforms. Live Writer support

But that's not the only thing we did, we're happy to announce Microsoft LiveWriter support! For now as early technological preview, but it should be enough to give you a test of where we're going and to tell us what we missed. Download it from Zemanta LiveWriter download page.

Zemanta Live Writer plugin

CrunchBase integration

Furthermore, we also started to integrate new databases. This month we're adding CrunchBase, a free directory of technology companies, people, and investors. So when you'll be writing about some new startup that got you excited, we'll now have a link to CrunchBase for more in-depth information. Respective logo's of companies and images of people will also show up in the Gallery.

Zemanta now also knows Crunchbase links and company and founders images

Amazon Enhancements

We're making two important changes in our Amazon integration. Firstly we'll start suggesting book covers of books that we also find hyperlinks in the text. The book covers images will have your Amazon affiliate id inside.

Secondly, we're changing default behaviour of affiliate ID. We'll insert Zemanta affiliate id if you don't have one set. If you don't like this you can set your own (we won't touch existing set id's) or opt-out in preferences (and set it to no affiliate id).

Amazon book cover suggestion

We'll be issuing update through the usual update channel for your platform.