Week in Review: Top 10 Articles from the Week of Oct. 19

Article Roundup

  1. The 10 Types of Social Media Addicts [INFOGRAPHIC] An infographic that illustrates the ten most common social media fiends. Do you have any of the symptoms of a vowel-hater? Or is it that of a Multi-Mayor?
  2. Restaurant Introduces The World’s First Instagram Menu As Instagram becomes a leader in social media, companies are finding more and more creative ways to leverage it. Find out how a restaurant is using the application in a very innovative way.
  3. The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Bloggers Forget the habits of effective bloggers. Problogger illustrates seven habits of highly ineffective bloggers. Are you guilty of any?
  4. 4 Crucial Blogging Lessons From Felix Baumgartner's Skydive From The Edge of Space In a blog post from our very own Nenad Senic, he illustrates four lessons that can be obtained from "Fearless Felix's" Stratos Jump.
  5. 100+ Useful Social Media Browser Plugins For Chrome & Firefox Forget a list of 10. Or 25. Or 50. Simply Zesty takes it to the extreme and provides a very extensive list of useful social media browser plugins for Chrome.
  6. 5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts to Generate More Traffic Looking for ways to drive more traffic to your site? Kikolani provides five simple ways to do so by optimizing blog posts.
  7. Are You Still Making These Six Senseless SEO Mistakes? In another extensive blog post from BlueGlass, they provide us with six SEO mistakes that you should not be making and how to correct them.
  8. Introducing: Google's Disavow Links Tool Negative SEO has been a hot topic lately and hopefully any fears of your site being ruined by a competitor will be docked now that Google rolled out their most recent tool for webmasters.
  9. 5 Deadly Sins Of Blogging You Should Avoid At All Costs More things that you should avoid as a blogger. There are five deadly sins, have you been committing any of them?
  10. The Ultimate 11-Step Plan to Launching a Successful Business Blog in 6 Months or Less In a blog post from Marcus Sheridan, we are provided what he dubs the ultimate 11 step plan to launching a successful business blog. Check it out for yourself.