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Boštjan Špetič CPO

Boštjan loves art, philosophy and observing quirky social phenomena. Before Zemanta he worked as professional journalist for national television and was involved in several contemporary art performances as a multimedia and technology consultant. Boštjan is our team-building champion and community-use case expert. He also acts as a mentor for other startups at Seedcamp and Springboard.

Andraž Tori CTO

Andraž is a hyperactive learner and researcher, addicted to media reasoning, intellectual property rights and Internet ethics. He is active in the semantic web technology community and often speaks at industry events like SemTech, Web Fest .ME and BlogWorld. Andraž is our lead software architect with deep insight in natural language processing, contextual information retrieval and automatic crossmedia weaving.


Todd Sawicki

Based in Seattle, WA, Todd is Zemanta’s CEO. He’s a long time exec and founder for digital media startups who has a thing for the world of online advertising and publishing. Todd loves to play ice hockey and really hopes Seattle gets a proper hockey team.


Jeff Reine

VP of Publisher & Corporate Development

Gašper Koren


Dušan Omerčević

VP Engineering

Danijel Pančić

Head of Frontend Engineering

Dare Bodnaruk

Tech Lead

Gašper Šetinc

Product Owner

Patrick Reynolds

Account Executive

Tomaž Kovačič

Software Engineer

Jure Ham

Tech Lead

Luka Šilovinac

Software Engineer

Miha Miklič

Software Engineer

Kris Smith

Software Engineer

Marko Čelan

Head of Technical Operations

Jure Koren


Jure Vižintin

Product Manager

Rok Pregelj

Head of UX

Mateja Verlič

Head of Research

Peter Reberšek


Kalle Aaltonen

Software Engineer

Silvo Katalenić

Head of Support

Tin Dizdarevic

Director, Publisher Development

Bojana Lango

Software Engineer

Greg Gortz

VP Sales

Jason Merhaut

Director, Business Development

Anthony Martinez

Business Development

Conor Norris

Client Services Manager

Andrew Kobylarz

Account Executive

Lorand Dali

Software Engineer

Florjan Bartol

Software Engineer

Matic Žgur

Software Engineer

Simon Mihevc

Software Engineer

Christian Marchan

Client Services Manager

Martina Ring

Office Manager

David Gorcey

Director of Business Development

Petra Prusnik

Support Engineer

Blaž Marinc


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